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.NET RSAParameters endianness

Ever had to access or set the RSAParameters structure’s fields? Well, if you do, you will find that the MSDN documentation on them doesn’t specify their endianness (byte order). Googling isn’t too helpful either, as I found different sources claiming different endianness. So, I wrote a little test in F# that shows that the RSAParameters fields are indeed big-endian.

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F# values, functions and a little bit of both

Judging from a few questions on stackoverflow and hubFS, programmers new to F# sometimes confuse value assignments with functions that don’t take arguments. This confusion is easily straightened out. In fact, it’s so easily straightened out, that it’s not really enough for a blog post. Thus, we spice things up a bit by letting the value assignment assign a function value, and throw in closures and something about the practical differences between stack and heap values for good measure.

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F# ASCII85 module

Sometimes, you need to store binary data in places where only text data is welcome, such as XML files. The quick & dirty solution is to code your data into hexadecimal strings, which you can easily get away with when storing a few bytes. However, sometimes you want better space efficiency and this is where ASCII85 comes to the rescue.

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